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Multifunctional Mini Cable Stick

  • This is a portable USB adapter storage stick. The cable and adapters can be combined to be compatible with USB, Micro USB, USB C, and Apple phones.
  • Used for charging and data transfer.
  • Also includes a SIM card tray eject tool, a SIM card slot and SD card slot.
  • The USB C to USB C charging is supported up to 60W (20V 3A, If the charger adapter is supported), and the data transfer speed is up to 480Mbps. Also the USB C to micro USB: 18W, USB A to micro USB: 18W, USB A to USB C:18W, USB C to iPhone: 20W, and USB A to iPhone: 12W.
  • Small and compact. Can be easily stored in your pocket, wallet or handbag.
  • Simply push it to open and close.
  • Includes: 1 x USB C to USB C Cable (1FT), 1 x USB C to USB A Adapter, 1 x USB C to Micro USB Adapter, 1 x 1 USB C to Lightning Adapter, 1x Sim Card Tray Eject Tool, 1 x Micro SIM Card slot / Micro SD card slot, 1* Nano SIM Card slot.
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