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Portable Chainsaw

  • This portable chainsaw is made of high-strength super heat-treated carbon steel with super-strong and durable nylon belt. 
  • Compact and 5 ounces lightweight. Can be folded and easily placed in a pocket or bag.
  • The 11 saw teeth cut both ways into the wood with less binding or sticking for fast and easy non-slip cutting.
  • This rope chainsaw is 40 inches long, making it easy to swing over high branches for cutting or pruning and fit into tight grooves where chainsaws can’t. The extra length creates a safe distance and easier cutting for one or two people.
  • The handles are soft nylon which is more comfortable to grab onto than paracord and won’t cut into your hands or cause blisters. 
  • Includes a high-quality pouch that attaches to your belt for convenience. Bring it when traveling in your RV or toss it into your backpack so that you’re always prepared for an emergency.
  • Actual length: 36 inches
  • Ships worldwide!