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Portable Electric Lint Remover

  • Make your couch, blanket, mattress, sweaters, curtains, & more look brand new! 
  • 5-blade whirlwind design rotating blades - remove lint, bobbles, & fluffs on fabrics easily
  • Strong suction force - eliminates lint at a fast speed
  • USB rechargeable - 2 hours to be fully charged
  • Lint bin with net design - check the amount of lint collected before you open it
  • Safe - automatically cuts off the power when you open the cover or lint bin
  • Long handle brush - able to clean each corner of the device
  • Indicator light - shows power on/off
  • Ships worldwide!

⦁ Remember not to press it hard on fabrics to prevent damages on them
⦁ Not recommended to use on lace fabric, down jackets, clothing with decorative items, etc.