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Smart Pill Box

  • This smart pill box allows you to set up to 7 alarm clock each day, perfect gift for senior whose memory is not so great.
  • When it’s time to take medicine, the LED display will flash and the pill box will beep and vibrate simultaneously, which helps a lot for the elderly who is hard of hearing.
  • With easy-read pill data display function, you can set a group of pill data for each alarm. Shows how many pills should be taken from each compartment, helps tremendously to avoid confusion for kids and elderly who need to take vitamin / supplements/ pills.
  • Designed with removeable inner partitions, the pill box can be set 3 to 6 compartments, enables you to organize and dispense all kinds of medications, vitamins & supplements separately.
  • The pills are kept safe in their compartment, even when you turn it over, the cover is snug on so the pills won't go into other compartments.
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries (battery not included), lasts for a long time. Detailed instructions is included.
  • Take it with you - pocket size and lightweight makes the pill box easy to fit in bag or purse, perfect for travel.
  • Organize the pills in advance with the smart pill reminder, and you will never miss them even when you are busy.
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