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Smart Universal IR Remote

  • With The Smart Universal IR Remote Control, you may use your smart phone to control home appliances, such as STB(Set-Top-Box), TV Box, TV, Air Conditioner, Fan, DVD, etc.
  • Support 4000+ brands, 50000+ IR Code on cloud, supported devices library is constantly being updated by the cloud.
  • Remote control your home appliances by using "Smart Life" App in your smart phone anywhere anytime. For example: Switch on home A/C in advance, enjoying the comfortable temperature once you get home.
  • Easy to install and add appliances to the app.
  • By connecting Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Yandex Alice, you can control your home appliances by voice.
  • A scenario consists of 1 or more actions. By creating an "Scenario", you may control multiple devices with one tap; By adding an "Automation" and interworking with other smart home devices, Wi-Fi remote control is able to execute actions automatically according to conditions, such as device status, weather and time.
  • According to your living habits, set time switches for your home appliances, such as turning on/off the air conditioner at regular intervals. The APP have 7 day Scheduling programming.
  • It's remote control function needs to use WiFi all the time.
  • Smart Life App provides customizing and copy function. If your home appliances is not in the brand list or not supported, you may use this function to copy the key function of original remote control to app.
  • Infrared rays cannot penetrate the wall, so it cannot control household appliances in other rooms. It is recommended to install a universal remote control in every room.
  • Note that 2.4G remotes, RF remotes, and Bluetooth remotes are not supported.
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