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Theft Protection Roller Stamp (with free ink)

  • The identity theft protection roller stamp is the perfect tool to protect your private information.
  • With a gentle swipe, you can cover personal details perfectly.
  • More convenient and faster than a shredder.
  • Perfect for hiding private information on courier bills, bank statements, utility bills, medicine labels, and contract documents.
  • With a 0.98-inch wide roller, you can quickly cover a large piece of personal information.
  • Ink dries quickly. For a thicker coverage, wait until the ink dries and swipe again.
  • To refill, simply add 10-15 drops of ink into the filling port, let it stand for about 2 minutes, and then use it when the ink is fully absorbed.
  • To open, hold both ends of the cover with your fingers, and open it firmly from one side. Please do not pull it straight up, so as not to apply too much force, the ink will splatter on your hands and clothes.
  • Comes with a ceramic blade on the other end which can be used for unpacking express, mail envelopes, and cutting paper.
  • Includes free ink.
  • Ships worldwide!