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Wooden Clock with Wireless Charger

Dark Wood
Light Wood
  • This wooden alarm clock supports most mobile phones with wireless charging function and other devices with wireless charging function.
  • Simply place your Qi Wireless Charging Compatible phone on top of the clock and it'd start charging automatically. Charging occurs only when powered by USB cable, not chargeable when powered by batteries.
  • Works mainly on plugged-in cable power or backed up by 4*AAA batteries (NOT included). Charging cable is included in the box. Cable compatible with all USB charger. Battery power best used for backup only.
  • Displays time, date, temperature with bright and clear LED lights. Displays time in both 12h/24h format, and shows indoor temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • Can set three alarm clocks in different time periods. Can also select different alarm types between daily alarm and weekday alarm, each alarm rings for 1 minute.
  • Press the Down button and choose "oN:Sd" for Sound control mode
  • On power-saving mode, the screen will turn off after 10 seconds. You can light up the screen by clapping your hands (any sounds louder than 60dbm) or by tapping the clock.
  • You can adjust the brightness according to the environment to better protect your eyes. With three brightness from low to high.
  • Ships worldwide!